Eric Bryant

From the very beginning, Eric Bryant was drawn to wildlife and sports figures. In his high school years, he would try to duplicate illustrations he liked in pencil and charcoal. He attended the Columbus College of Art & Design and graduated with a degree in Illustration.

He began his career as a freelance illustrator in St. Louis, MO, building a working portfolio working for clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Boeing, Ralston Purina, John Deere, and the Dallas Cowboys. Equally familiar with oil-based and wate- based paint, his commercial assignments often required a quicker complete date and gouache became his preferred medium.

When asked about how he decided on the art he created for I am a Patriot, Bryant said, “I wanted to achieve a realistic look to the animals, while keeping a simpler colorful style suitable for a picture book. I decided to combine a wash and opaque mix that worked well with the variety of animals we chose.”

The one constant quality Bryant strives to maintain in all his art, regardless the style, is drawing. Good drawing always comes through no matter what the medium. He very much enjoyed creating this book and is looking forward to future projects with Janey Mack.

“I believe creativity is a gift from God that every one of us has in some measure,” Eric said. “Working on this book required I expand my creativity and I’m the better for it.”

“Eric Bryant is an extraordinary talent. He breathes life and warmth into his art with an astonishing eye for detail.”
—John A. Daly, author of the Sean Coleman Thrillers

“Some people have incredible heart. Some people have incredible talent. Eric Bryant has both. The picture he drew of my dog Rooney is one of the most precious things I have. It’s better than a photo – it was drawn with love. Rooney has left this world, but the portrait Eric created for me will always be something I treasure.”
—Terry Schappert, Retired Master Sergeant, US Army Special Forces, Host Hollywood Weapons

“Eric Bryant is one of the most talented artists/illustrators I know. His attention to detail is remarkable. He is an absolute perfectionist and I have been impressed with every piece of his work I have seen.”
—Hillary G, Art Instructor, Carmine Illinois


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