I am a Patriot

I am a Patriot is a wonderfully spare, yet strong narrative that celebrates traditional American values. The vibrant, exuberant paintings of North American animals will entrance children and adults alike.

Simple, powerful and gorgeous, I am a Patriot is a picture book that will endure through the ages. Non-partisan, it is a perfect family book to reflect on what it means to be an American.

I am a Patriot


“It’s my 5 year old’s favorite story, and I love it, too!”

Nicole Kolander

“Every niece and nephew are getting a copy.”

Chris Keck

“A glorious shout out to the best place on earth!”

Michael P Moon

“A sweet and feel-good look at our United States”


“The theme that truly does unite us as American Patriots”

Paul Rennick

“Gorgeous art! What a wonderful book!”

Cristin Clark


Eric Bryant and Janey Mack met on Facebook. They felt an instant connection to each others’ work, and embarked on a journey of creating a children’s book that honors the United States, American values, and celebrates the unique joy and freedoms of this great nation.

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